Department of Bioinformatics – BiGCaT

Bachelor courses

 FHML BioMedical Sciences (BMS) Bachelor

  • BBS1005 course on Human Genetics, Reproduction and Prenatal development  
    • Co-coordinator: Dr. Susan Steinbusch-Coort,
    • Description: The course will cover the following three topics:
      • Basic mechanisms of cellular life cycle, cellular interaction and human genetics.
      • Mechanisms of the human reproduction and embryonic development.
      • Ethical questions/problems around human reproduction and genetics.
  • Various Bioinformatics & Systems biology classes in BMS courses
    • BBS1001: BLAST training (Dr. Lars Eijssen)
    • BBS1005: Biological databases, Genetic Variation and Online Resitriction analysis computer training (Dr. Susan Steinbusch-Coort)
    • BBS2042: Visualisation and modulation of cell signalling pathways in (patho)physiological conditions – pathway analysis (Dr. Susan Steinbusch-Coort and Dr. Martina Summer-Kutmon)
    • BMW3010: Deciphering adipocyte cell biology in obesity – pathway design and analysis (Dr. Martina Summer-Kutmon and Dr. Susan Steinbusch-Coort)
  • BMS tutorships in courses:
    • BBS1001: LEGO Bricks of  Life (Dr. Susan Steinbusch-Coort and Dr. Egon Willighagen)
    • BBS1002: Homeostasis and Organ Systems (Dr. Susan Steinbusch-Coort and Marvin Martens MSc.)
    • BBS1005: Human Genetics, Reproducation and Prenatal development (Dr. Susan Steinbusch-Coort, Elisa Cirillo MSc. and Marvin Martens MSc.) 
  • BMS mentorships by Dr. Susan Steinbusch-Coort, Dr. Egon Willighagen en Dr. Lars Eijssen

Maastricht Science Programme

  • PRA3006: Programming in the Life Sciences
  • MSP internships