Posted on 22. Febuary 2011.

Welcome to the landing page of the BioHealth Computing website of Maastricht University. The Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences (FHML) is partner of the European BioHealth Computing Master's program. On this page you can find information regarding the program.

The Program

Posted on 23. Febuary 2011.

The European Master's program in BioHealth Computing is a one year MSc program addressing well motivated students who have completed one year MSc course (60 ECTS), or an equivalent degree in the fields of: Clinical Research, Environmental and Animal Health, Molecular Biotechnology, and Computational Mathematics. The Master's program is organized by the BioHealth Computing consortium which in turn is supported by Erasmus Mundus, an initiative launched by the European Commission to promote cooperation, mobility, academic quality and top-level research of higher education. Maastricht University (UM) is one of the five initial partner universties hosting the program. Students in the Master's program may chose to do their internship and research projects for their Master's thesis at the UM. This page gives a list of some of topics available for student internships at the UM.

List of projects for internships in bioinformatics

Posted on 22. Febuary 2011.

Here you can find a list of projects for internships available at the Bioinformatics Department - BiGCaT.

1 Projects for Internships at the Department of Bioinformatics BiGCaT, Maastricht University

Complete list with descriptions.


For questions regarding the internships and projects at the UM please contact the UM co-ordinator for BioHealth Computing.

General questions on the Master's program are addressed centrally by the BioHealth Computing website.